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REF Grant Process

To begin the 2024 / 2025 REF grant process, you will need to complete a REF Grant Application. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE GRANT APPLICATION.

Associated steps and timelines for the grant process are detailed below.

If you have any questions, email Sarah Soslow at

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Grant Application

Complete the Grant Application in it's entirety and include 3 fully researched and competitively
priced quotes (as per district policy). The more detailed your application, the better! Please note
that you may be contacted for additional information prior to decisions being made.

Grant Deadline

Submit your grant.  The deadline for submission is Friday, May 10, 2024. Grants must be submitted electronically
no later than 5 PM. No exceptions will be made.

Grant Reviews

Grants will be reviewed in May of 2024 and awarded in June of 2024.

Grants Awarded

Grant recipients are responsible for submitting all purchase orders to Melissa Heck
( at the board office no later than November 30th. After that date, the grant will
expire and funding will be eliminated. If there are circumstances that prevent this, the REF must
receive notification prior to the November 30th deadline.

Holding Notes

Grant Recipients

Grant recipients are responsible for submitting a final report, or a sample of the product or program, to the Grants Chairperson ( by March 1, 2025. If there are
circumstances that preclude you from this communication by that date, please contact the REF, via the link below, prior to the March 1st deadline.

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